Doctoral Programs

Poetics and Theory Program,

Representation Rhetoric Knowledge,

Forms of Life and the Know How of Living,

Life ordinary vs.

New York University
April 20-21, 2006

April 20, 2006 Deutsches Haus
6:00 pm Introduction
Anselm Haverkamp
Director, Poetics and Theory Program
6:30 pm Life and Event
Paola Marrati (Johns Hopkins University)
Moderator: Thomas Khurana (Potsdam University)
7:30 pm Keynote
Spirit and Life. Towards a Genealogical Critique of Phenomenology
Christoph Menke (Potsdam University)
Director, Doctoral Program Forms of Life and the Know How of Living

April 21, 2006 19 University Place, ground floor
10:00 am Panel: Life and Thought
Deleuze, Bergson, and the Concept of Life
Elizabeth Grosz (Rutgers University)

Is it worth living?
Avital Ronell (NYU)

Moderators: Birgit M. Kaiser (NYU/Viadrina),
Kathrin Thiele (SUNY Buffalo/Viadrina)
12:00 pm Lunch
2:00 pm Becoming Animal: Expression at the Limit of the Intelligible
Zora Hesov (Potsdam University)

On Death as Origin: Darwinian Tropes in Freud's Beyond the Pleasure Principle
Mariana Amato (NYU)

Moderator: Erica Weitzman (NYU)
3:30 pm Coffee break
4:00 pm A Darwinism of the Concept: The Life of Rhetoric in Nietzsche
Brad Tabas (NYU)

Leaving Everything as it is: Cavell's Concept of the Ordinary and the Sublation of Ethics
Constanze Demuth (Potsdam University)

Moderator: Katrin Trstedt (Viadrina)
6:00 pm Lecture
Tom Keenan (Bard)
Moderator: Maria Muhle (Viadrina)