„Life“ – The Saving Word

Tagung des Poetics & Theory Program (NYU) und des DFG-Graduiertenkollegs Lebensformen & Lebenswissen an der New York University

NYU, Silver Center
March 29-31, 2007

March 29, 2007
Silver Center,
Room 206,
31 Washington Pl.

6:20 pm

6:45 pm
Landscapes of Life

Anselm Haverkamp (NYU, Viadrina)
Whose Life?

Peter Galison (Harvard)
Wastelands and Wilderness

Panel Discussants
Thomas Dikant (Potsdam) | Dirk Setton (Potsdam) | Katrin Trstedt (Viadrina)

March 30, 2007
Silver Center,
5th floor,
Room 5013,
32 Waverly Pl.

10.00 am

Dirk Setton (Potsdam)
10:15 am Literary Creatures
Moderation: Katrin Trstedt (Viadrina)

Alice Crary (New School)
Literature and the Lives of Animals

Jay Bernstein (New School)
Mad Raccoon, Demented Quail, and the Herring Holocaust
(Notes for a Reading of W.G. Sebald)
2:30 pm Spontaneity and Mechanism
Moderation: Alexandra Heimes (Viadrina)

Eckart Frster (Johns Hopkins)
Kant and Goethe on Comprehending Living Phenomena

Justin E. H. Smith (Concordia)
A Belated Defense of Spontaneous Generation
5:30 pm Motion and Machine
Moderation: Nikolas Zok (Potsdam)

Helmut Mller-Sievers (Northwestern)
Life - Motion - Machines. The Emergence of Kinematics in the 19th Century

Erica Weitzman (NYU)
Are We Not Men? Life as Becoming-Machine

March 31, 2007
Silver Center,
5th floor,
Room 5013,
32 Waverly Pl.

10.00 am
Politics of Potentiality
Moderation: Felix Ensslin (Potsdam)

Joan Copjec (Buffalo)
The Angel of Potentiality. Agamben and the Muslim Mystics

Kathrin Thiele (Viadrina)
Life – Ethics – Politics. Rethinking the Limits
3:00 pm Dialectics of Life
Moderation: Dirk Setton (Potsdam)

Thomas Khurana (Potsdam)
Force and Form. Towards a Dialectics of the Living

Leonard Lawlor (Memphis)
The „Weak“ Response to the Suffering of the Living: An Attempt to Follow Derrida

Organisation: Felix Ensslin, Thomas Khurana, Dirk Setton, Kathrin Thiele, Katrin Trstedt.